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About Tutortastic™

Hey, I’m Peera! I’m a class of 2022 graduate from Oak Park and River Forest High School majoring in astrophysics. I’ve been working with children for almost 6 years, starting as a camp counselor and mentor in 2017 and then becoming a math tutor in 2021. I'm a female with ASD and faced a lot of racial discrimination being one of the only people of color in my classes as a child. This mission is extremely important to me as I remember how it felt for the first time ever to have a teacher who truly advocated for my academic and social success. She always spoke of “foundations” that we would continually build throughout our academic years. 

I first envisioned Tutortastic™ in 2020, but when the pandemic hit, I decided to pause my pursuits. In 2022, I revisited the idea and decided to bring it to life, still as passionate about equitable education as I was 2 years prior. Education is one of the most critical components of future success and opportunities. Many students from underprivileged communities can't afford a tutor, or there is such high demand for volunteer and non-profit tutoring institutions that it is nearly impossible to find help. On top of that, it can be challenging to find teachers who not only care about students' academics but also the students themselves. Every child is unique and has different academic, social, and emotional needs. Students' financial standing, racial, ethnic, cultural background, or learning style should not deter them from a future they deserve and have a right to. 


With the help of donations and people who believe in this mission and are willing to put in the time and countless hours of planning and coordinating, we’ve been able to bring this project to life.


That being said, we are looking forward to providing the support that will help to recreate some of the glowing, confident smiles we all love to see!

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