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Our journey as a baby non-profit has been rewarding for all of us. Not only are we accomplishing our goal of changing students’ lives and working to level the academic playing field, but we have learned so much along the way. Our non-profit began with 2 program coordinators and 5 volunteers. And by the time of our first session, we only had 6 student sign-ups. Now that number has grown to over 30 volunteers and over 45 student sign-ups! That’s AMAZING!! And it’s only the beginning of our journey!


We have watched so many of our students move mountains this past year and we love seeing the bonds they build with their tutors. There is nothing more special than being able to share their experience with them and learn from them!


We are so grateful to all of the parents and guardians who have BEELIEVED in us and allowed us to work alongside their students every weekend for the past year. Thank you, we would not be here without you and your support.


If you’d like to donate as a birthday gift and ensure that we have many more birthdays to come, click the button below which shows how you can contribute!


Future News!

We turned 1!


As we enter our second year of operation, our biggest goal is to file for 501c3 status! Yay! This means that our non-profit will officially be tax-exempt and eligible for grants. This will allow us to expand even more and begin hiring people who can help us build the program and increase efficiency (because that’s very important)!


And maybe…next fall we’ll all have T-shirts…

but shh…you didn’t hear that.

Thats our entire lives!

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